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Suvin Mehta

Suvin Mehta, a unique name for a unique personality. Born and raised in sunny southern California. Attended college in San Diego, so I have experience with all major southern Californian metropolitan areas. My favorite type of restaurants range from Americana to Italian, from French to fast food. As long as there is an experience, an adventure, or a fun and unique story to the venue, I enjoy it.

I love to eat, cook, read, and write. I have had many different kinds of life experiences, some very unique and rare. I bring these ups and downs I have faced to the table (and hopefully to your local dining table) to help your culinary experience. With an optimistic and cheery disposition on life, I would love to tell you about soups, salads, desserts, and main courses. The most important aspect of any dining experience is the ambiance, and I hope my positive ambiance will affect your dining experience and day in a positive way.



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