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Playing Craft Beer Loteria (and winning)


Barley Forge Brewing Co.Craft Beer Loteria inaugurates foundations in Costa Mesa as the first microbrewery to open. This hop centric agro-industrial brewery opened it’s doors eager to share and serve; fully equipped with a kitchen and plenty of seating. Offering various styles with craft beer loteria to match. Artwork fashioned by none other brewery Co-Founder and Design Director David Stolte. Composed in minimalistic style Stolte’s take on loteria cards apropo for house beers.



Barley Forge Brewhouse & Team

Meticulously designed with repurposed wood tables, tap handles reminiscent of a 1950’s forging hammer and vintage luxem beer artwork. President Greg Nylen and team have engineered a brewery with fervent vision. Former jeweler turned brewer, Kevin Buckley brings promise with his impressive resume from brewing at Alpine and founding Latitude 33.


Barley Forge House Beers 


Barley ForgeSample flights are served in familiar style tasting glassware, resting in some very nontraditional trays fabricated from tube steel. Anyone who decides to pick one up and carry it will attest to the fact that these steel masterpieces are heavier than the booziest imperial stout.







Der Biersal (Hefeweizen) ABV 5.4%

Barley Forge’s wheat beer brings a refreshing surprise to the local craft beer scene. While the majority of microbreweries focus on the American style hefeweizen, Barley Forge’s creation has a nice Bavarian style twist. More rich than an American hefeweizen, and dressed (but not smothered) in hints of clove, this beer doesn’t have to sacrifice flavor for a refreshing character.


The Orange Curtain (Indian Pale Ale) ABV 6.2%

Now Angeleno and Orange County beer enthusiasts have a place to come together to enjoy this new brew. Starts off dry with a smooth fruit latency and ends with a sharp hop finish. The Orange curtain will indubitably be a Barley Forge favorite among the beer crowd.


El Paisano (Amber) ABV 5.7%

Like a coyote chasing after a speedy road runner, one can be content and sip on this unique amber. Pours golden deep red with resolute hop forward presence. Residual sweetness from agave lingers upheld with a pleasant subtle hint of smokiness at tastes end.


Grandpa Tractor (Dortmunder-style export lager) ABV 5.0&

Steadfast to Dortmunder-style, Grandpa Tractor is brewed with noble hops and European pilsen malt. This German forward beer is refreshingly crisp, pleasantly bitter and tart. Originally brewed by the Dortmunder Union is 1873 this resiliently smooth beer was enjoyed by industry workers after a laboriously long day.


The Patsy (Rye Stout)

On nitro this beer presents an earthy rye flavor with a forward stout presence. Aromas of coffee, cocoa and bittersweet chocolate indulge the senses. Notes of robust coffee with a back-end finishing  with a bold roasted malt flavor. The Patsy will soon be available with coconut in the tasting room!



Brews Fit for Gourmet Eats 

1391556_10154815238420397_2481631656629852750_nNot only can hop heads savor house brews, but pair them with local meats from De-Le Ranch, cheese & charcuterie plates and vegetarian options. Pair El Paisano with Echo Mountain Blue Cheese, the complex richness and tang balance the residual sweetness of agave. Der Biersal Hefeweizen and Mattern’s house-made bratwurst match perfectly. Artisan food offerings give hop heads various choices to enjoy with house beers.







Barley Forge Brewing Co. Official Grand Opening: November 15th at 11:30am