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dineLA preview - AcabarLet me start off by saying, I am not afraid to spend a pretty penny on a good meal or new experience.  I’ve never been one to cut coupons, and even as much as I try to remember, I always forget to check in on Yelp for my promotional freebies.  I have been a fan of dineLA since its inception in 2008 making the infamous rip past the “Orange Curtain” to the world class dining scene of Los Angeles. As a beginner, you pick out the hot new restaurant that everyone wants to try in hopes of getting a killer deal off a tasting menu at the eatery that everyone is talking about.


dineLA preview - AcabarMy tip for the dineLA newbie: don’t go to the super hot restaurant in town, look for one that may not be in the papers everyday, but is still legendary.  As a trained dineLA veteran, I scan the list of over 300 restaurants and pick the top ones in three categories, 1. The Almost New – 2. The Second Dates – 3. The Forgotten Staples


dineLA preview - Acabar“The Almost New” joints are ones that you just missed during that 3 to 6 month “have you been to that new spot?” period.  The hype isn’t dead, but its no longer trending on Twitter and there is probably 1,000,000 new posts on EaterLA since its unveiling.  We all get busy, so dineLA gives you that opportunity to bring those other friends that missed the boat, and try that spot in town.


dineLA preview - AcabarI’m a big fan of the low risk new experience, and for a long time, I almost exclusively went to restaurants once, because the new experience was so much more enticing than revisiting a restaurant.  Now, I understand better that a restaurant is a constant evolution of thought, design, and creation.  dineLA offers the opportunity to come back to spots you have already been to and make new memories on your “Second Dates”.


dineLA preview - AcabarAfter years of diligent eating and attending this regional celebration, I still haven’t made a dent in all the amazing dining destinations. My ever evolving list has a pretty strong core of restaurants that have been long time staples of the LA dining community.  “Forgotten Staples” are restaurants that I’ve been meaning to visit for more than a while, and thanks to dineLA, I hope to experience them sooner than later.


dineLA preview - Acabar With lunch menus ranging from $15 to $25 and dinner menus ranging from $30 to $50 you are sure to get great value at low risk.  Here are my picks in the 3 categories for dineLA: January 19 – February 1 2015. Make your picks by visiting dineLA.com .

  1. The Almost New
  2. The Second Dates
  3. The Forgotten Staples

Photos shown are of Acabar dineLA menu for January 2015