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NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF. – Eat Chow’s main goal is simple – to make its customers full and happy. And over the last four years, the owners and staff have been doing just that at their Eastside Costa Mesa location. But they knew it was time to continue on with the mission and expand – and when the perfect little spot opened in Newport Shores, the team jumped at the chance.

Eat Chow opened up its new location April 23 “down the hill” from its 18th Street Costa Mesa spot, where they have already been serving up their eclectic menu to happy patrons. The new restaurant (EC2) fits in perfectly with the laidback atmosphere of its bayside neighborhood, creating just the friendly vibe Eat Chow prefers.

While the new location will serve up the same favorites as the Costa Mesa spot – think everything from truffle mac n’ cheese, warm curry chicken salad, and the French dip with made-from-love au jus, to Mexican chilaquiles, and the Reuben with homemade red cabbage sauerkraut – 100s of new recipes are in the works. The Eat Chow team – Amy Curran, Francisco Perez and Brian McReynolds – are excited at the opportunity to test these out in the Newport location’s state-of-the-art kitchen. To perfectly complement the adventurous recipes, the restaurant strives to use the best ingredients, and thus receives their ingredients daily to ensure freshness. Eat Chow’s menu is a no-holds-barred, borderless array of international cuisine, each with the chef’s fresh spin.

Despite the same great objectives, don’t expect to get the same aesthetic experience at the new location – EC2 has a different vibe than its altitudinal predecessor. Designed by Ross Morgan, its décor is inspired by a Danish, mid-century modern look, with warm, custom wood components, beach-inspired color accents and earthy stone walls.

Eat Chow owners hope for continued success and are appreciative of the communities that have embraced them whole-heartedly.

“We want to thank the residents of Eastside Costa Mesa and Newport Shores for being amazing,” owner Brian McReynolds said.

Brian McReynolds and the late Eric Doran established Eat Chow 1 in 2008 with the dream of bringing great, inspired food to Orange County. Both chefs were trained in their craft and brought on a team they knew would help make it happen. Amy Curran, Francisco Perez, McReynolds now carry on the torch, and continue to be excited about new recipes, fresh food and the Newport-Mesa neighborhoods they sit in. The eclectic and international menu is a fearless representation of the team behind Eat Chow, and they continue to strive to make tasty food without boundaries. For more information, visit www.eatchownow.com