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Etude has been creating harmonic wines for the past twenty five years.  The grapes are grown with the philosophy that if each variable is understood, you have the power to express the true art of what lies within, much like music.  Etude shares with the world its gift of oenological orchestration through the toughest instrument to master, Pinot Noir.  Pinot Noir is known for its ability to directly reflect the place where it is grown, its infamous for it temperament, and praised when it crescendos into perfection.

Jon Priest, the winemaker, the self proclaimed “wine-grower”, and more appropriately conductor, is the individual that helps bring to life these elements.  Raised in the Central Coast and attending a liberal arts college in the North West, Jon was in tune with wine and its power.  His passion for wine was illuminated, just after college, while enjoying a bottle of Burgundy.  Jon really began to understand the complexity and delicate intricacies of Pinot Noir.  His first harvest brought him to Ken Volk at Wild Horse in the late 80s, and his learning experience has always been a hands on journey.  Jon learned a long time ago that he was not in control, Pinot Noir is about connecting the right vines with the right place, and just allowing the wine “to become”, as opposed to “be created”.

In 2000, the first estate vineyards were planted, an exciting accomplishment for Jon.  Now, with over a decade of vine age, his aspirations for the greatness of these wines are high.  The cool air coming from the Pacific Ocean, harmonizing with the “well draining, rocky soils” at the base of the Sonoma Mountains are a perfect place for cool climate varieties like Pinot Noir.  As Pinot Noir vines age,  their individual character will become unique over time.  Jon treats each vintage as its own ballad, making sure to represent transparency of place, while maintaining consistency of quality.

If Pinot Noir is the instrument, then Jon is the conductor, and Etude is the song.

Etude is available at these Orange County restaurants,
Marche Moderne
Pinot Provence
Scotts Seafood
Balboa Bay Club
Broadway by Amar Santana
230 Forest

Etude wines are also available at Hi Times and Wine Club for retail purchase.

Visit Etude Wines Online.