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Valentines Day - HushExperienceI am a notorious overzealous gift giver, with a record of burying my best friends in birthday gifts, curating day long mystery events with new friends, and constantly trying to wow my current love interest (if there is one around).  Every gift I have ever given is a lesson in trust.  If you trust me, you believe that it only takes two to make a good time and that no matter where we are or who we are around there will be something new and exciting involved.  There have been few people that have challenged me to the same trust exercise, until now.


Valentines Day - HushExperienceThe Hush Experience is challenging you and I to believe that your Valentines Day could be more than the “chocolate in a box” or the “flowers in a vase” that it always has been.  You purchase the experience “blindfolded” – with no idea of where you are going, what you are tasting and who you will be with.  You bank on the idea that something so intriguing must be just as equally delicious, and the only thing you do know is that you are being placed in the highly capable hands of Nathaniel Nguyen and Frances Tang.


Valentines Day - HushExperienceNathaniel Nguyen of The Prince and Pantry and Frances Tang of The Hush Experience are teaming together for this one night only- sultry culinary exhibition. Your location will be revealed on February 12th, and the anticipation of that alone could send you and your partner into a love craze.  Now all you need to do is sign up.  Click here to accept the challenge – hushexperience.com

(A winner has been chosen for this giveaway (Michelle Hoes), but it is still a great event, please join us for dinner on February 13th and stay tuned for more gifts here at 100eats.com)

We are giving away two tickets available for this exclusive dinner.

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