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Brought to You By Bobby Navarro

Acclaimed Santa Ana restaurant Little Sparrow will be featured on an upcoming episode of Bravo’s “Best New Restaurant,” hosted by acclaimed Chef Tom Colicchio and produced by restaurateur and TV personality, Gordon Ramsay.

As one of sixteen award winning restaurants featured, Little Sparrow – the only Orange County based restaurant on the show – will be judged by BlackboardEats.com CEO Maggie Nemser, Witchcraft restaurant co-founder Jeffrey Zurofsky and Tom Colicchio, who will not only evaluate each restaurant on the dishes that are served, but everything from decor to hospitality to overall concept through food competitions, obstacles and hidden cameras.

Show your support – Join the Little Sparrow as they host a special viewing party, Wednesday February 25th and watch their “Best New Restaurant” episode when it airs at 7 p.m.