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Brought to You By Bobby Navarro

Eleven Contestants came together to try to win tickets to OC Foodie Fest, one of the largest collection of food trucks around! Christine won with 65 votes, and Sarah Lawson up with a close second at 64 votes! Thanks to everyone for playing!

The Winner of the 2011 Make

The Runner Up! A very close second~~ French Fry from The Fresh Fries Truck Photo by Sarah Lawson

10 Hour Pork, Guacamole, Chipotle-Honey Slaw & Cotija cheese all on top of a bed of fries from The Lime Truck Photo by Rico Oçir

Bacon Buzz Salad from The Bacon Mania Truck Photo by Albert Evangelista

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno from The Bacon Mania Truck Photo by Jenny Lieu

Black Skillet Chicken Sliders w/ Cool Cayenne Creme over White Truffle Sea Salt Popcorn from the Vizzi Truck Photo by Hemang Saraiya

Singaporean Slider and Chicken Satay from Chomp Chomp Nation Photo by Anne Chung

Sliders from The Burnt Truck Photo by Aaron Daniel Caldera

The Behemoth Burger from Grill

Super BLT and Macdaddy Fries from The Oc Food Truck Photo by Jaime Totengco

Pork Belly Steam Bun from The Flying Pig Truck Photo by Jay Ruiz