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Brought to You By Bobby Navarro

There is a movement of food from my generation that is a complete reflection of times passed.  I predict that in the near future, the West Coast will soon begin to understand the culture of what it means to have small specialty stores, focused in one particular offering, whether it be meats or cheeses, bread or cakes, much like the stores on daily lives of the individuals on the East Coast.  Regardless of the food culture and direction that is currently happening,  the generation before me is likely to stick to a supermarket setting.  Convenience is king, and now with large stores ensuring quality as well as extra time in your day, I see the appeal of such habits.

I recently took a shopping trip with my mom, Sylvia.  This was a similar trip to our local Vons, like we have made countless of times before.  This time, the trip was not only to maintain the food level of my mother’s home, but to satiate a craving for a little wine and cheese.  Sylvia loves the taste of a rich deep colored reds, and most of the time I prefer a Chardonnay with my Gouda.  We headed straight for the wine section, hustled down the rows, and picked a Franciscan Cabernet Sauvignon and a Franciscan Chardonnay.  Immediately exiting the aisles, we came across a wall covered in cured meats, and in a chest next to that, a huge selection of imported cheeses. My mom was thrilled that we were in and out in less than 20 minutes with all the accompaniments of a great spread.  I have my own methods to shopping, and I always make time for great food, but I love knowing that Sylvia will be satisfying her needs of great quality without compromising her schedule.  Just wanted to share my lovely shopping trip with my mom.