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In this day and age, our health has become a main focus of our lives and Nekter Costa Mesa Juice Bar is at the forefront of this movement.

If any of you remember Nekter in Costa Mesa from before, you remember it as a strangely small location, cut in half by the salon next door. Well, Nekter has remedied these issues by purchasing the salon, and expanding itself into a very comfortable size now. I always talk about how ambiance and location is the main factor of any venue. Nekter has achieved this perfectly. Inside, there is a nice lounge area, a main sitting area, and a juice bar.

Nekter Costa Mesa The walls are lined with really hip pictures and sayings that define what Nekter believes in: choosing healthier life choices to brighten your life and inspiring others to do the same. What a great optimistic message! There was enough room inside for a photo booth, and a silhouette artist! Outside in the shared patio area, they were able to set up two bars and live music. Not only was the location comfortably sized, but the ambiance was extraordinary. They had amazing service (my bartender Chrissy especially)! Not only was she very knowledgeable about the food and drinks they were serving, but also healthy living in general. Service at a venue is very important in completing the vibe that the location wants to present, and Nekter does this perfectly.



Nekter Costa MesaNow to the flavors! I am not the kind of person who participates in cleanses, eating vegan food or even having a healthy green juice drink. I usually stay away from these types of foods because of the bland taste or its inability to fill me up. But I was totally surprised to see Nekter change my mind! The Prince & Pantry catered this party, and they did an amazing job! They provided a plethora of vegan snacks; from a vegan sushi roll (very flavorful, smooth texture, and amazingly filling!) to the vegan almond crusted cheese bites (also very rich. An amazing depth of flavors, one word: delectable). Nekter began its new menu with an energy drink. It was green so I was a bit concerned, but after one sip, I was sold. It tasted just like fresh fruits and it was very refreshing. There was a quinoa salad, served with avocados and tomatoes. I did not even know what a quinoa salad was, but I was pretty sure it would have a weird spice taste and not be filling. Once again, I was sold after one bite. It had a nice texture and a bold but refreshing flavor. Also, the avocado added the right amount of weight to make it filling. The fresh salad had sliced strawberries, and tasted like it was just picked from the garden! The squash spaghetti with pesto sauce was amazing! It had a salad/green flavor, and was filling without being too heavy. Overall, I was surprised that healthy food could be so good!




From the ambiance, to the comfortable size, from the delicious flavors, to their surprisingly tasty treats, Nekter is a must try for anyone! Who wouldn’t want to extend their life and heighten their quality of life by just making better choices? Thank you Nekter, you have inspired me!


P.S. They have a one day, two day, three day, or if you have time, a five day cleanse! Try it out!