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Noble Ale Works is widely know for its less than subtle nicknames, but “Nepenthia” … That is not crass or reflective of some kind of human body part of fluid?  What is Nepenthia?!  Well, it stems from the word Nepenthe, which was depicted in the Greek story The Odyssey as an elixir to forget sorrow. Beer is widely celebrated as not only being delicious, but as a hand crafted artistic expression of a group of people.  You can feel the love and passion translating through each glass and that, in turn, fills you with joy and your troubles seem to drift away.  Nepenthia is the celebration of that beverage.  With the Nepenthia Beer, the Nepenthia Beer Garden, and now the Nepenthia Five Day we are creating multiple ways for you to toss your trouble aside and share your enjoyment of life with others who enjoy beer… and life too!

Nepenthia Beer is now available at Noble Ale Works Tasting Room in Anaheim.  Enjoy a glass now, before it is gone!  Only one batch is made every year.

Nepenthia Beer Garden is coming June 21.  Tickets are available at www.100eats.com/beergarden for $55

Nepenthia Beer Garden launches a series of fun beer centric events throughout Orange County called Nepenthia Five Day!  Find all of the beer excitement at www.100eats.com/nep5

Some of the events are supporting Inspire Artistic Minds (IAM) IAM is a local charity organization that is dedicated to strengthening the arts of taste, sight, and sound.  Inspire Artistic Minds is the only organization in the nation that offers scholarships for brewers and others in the food and beverage industry to achieve their educational goals.  Most recently, IAM was able to support the Noble Ale Works team on their trip to Europe.  See Evan Price post about his #TeamIAM experience on Instagram @evanbrewsnoble .