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Noble Aleworks 4th Anniversary 

Another year, another beer festival, and another set of unique and amazing memories. Every year, Noble Aleworks’s Anniversary Party sets big expectations, and every year, they exceed them. As all those who’ve attended a Noble Anniversary will tell you, beer is only about half the fun. Between live music, bar games, food trucks, and a chaotic whirl of all the familiar local beer fans, it’s easy to get lost in the moment and have those precious memories slip by. I’ve catalogued the chaos, by highlighting my favorite beers from this multi-faceted event.

Noble Ale Works 4th Anniversary Party

Noble Ale Works 4th Anniversary Party



The Urban Achiever, ABV 10.1% – Noble’s very first dark sour ale has been aged in bourbon barrels and finished with fresh pureed black mission figs, cardamon and lemon zest. On the nose, bourbon notes stand out, while hints of farmhouse funk linger. Residual sweetness from figs appear at first sip, but acid overwhelms with a pleasant sour bite on the finish.

Krampus, ABV 6.8% - Pours dark mahogany with rich body. A festive Christmas ale with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger, this winter warmer will conjure up memories of Christmas Eve’s spent relaxing next to an open fire. 

Cinnamon Roast Crunch, ABV 5.4% – Have your bowl of cereal and drink it too with this cinnamon centric brew. Malty and toasty notes engulf the taste buds while silky lactose caresses your senses. Sip after sip, you’ll still be craving more!

Bill Brasky,  ABV 8.5% - Most beers that are smoked can vary in intensity, but this brew is straight forward throughout, representing a mosaic flavors including toasted malt, subtle smokiness and rich espresso like qualities. This beer is a liquid ode to smoke and crack-of-dawn coffee beans. 

Bean Bump, ABV 12.7% – If Naughty Sauce is a cappuccino, then Bean Bump is a double shot of espresso. Fans of Noble’s infamous golden milk stout can experience this “Imperial” version of the coffee flavored delight. With all the original flavors, and more than twice the power, Bean Bump is sure to delight beer and coffee lovers alike.

‘I Love It’ IPA, ABV 7.5% - This award winning brew impresses even the most fickle of hop hungry beer geeks who crave that aggressive (yet soft, flowery hop) bite. Clean tropical flavors of grapefruit, orange rind, pineapple and lemon flow circuitously through out the glass. Brewmaster Evan’s expertise shines with every sip of this glowing brew.   

Gosebusters, ABV 4.8% – Flavors of gooseberries, farmhouse funk and acid reign true in this sour. This otherworldly, funky brew will take your tastebuds on a Lombard-Lane-esque, twisting, turning path between salty, funky, sour, then back to salty. If there’s something tart in your neighborhood, who you gonna’ call? GOSEBUSTERS! (I ain’t afraid of no sour!)