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A luxurious chocolate milk stout – just in time for Valentine’s Day and exceptionally better than a simple box of chocolates. Larsen’s milk stout is nostalgic of grammar school lunch time sipping chocolate milk out of tiny cartons. Now the modest sized cartons have been reacquired with beer mugs, excited and thirsty for more chocolate milk on nitro. 

This velvety beer pours jet black in color with a lavish, chiffon white head. Inviting aromas of natural cocoa nibs, espresso, vanilla beans and brown sugar linger on the nose. Flavors of milky (lactose) chocolate, madagascar vanilla and cocoa nibs, provide intensity of richness to this delicious brew. Sip after sip this stout develops with mocha like sweetness and dark berry (blackberry) features.

Chocolate Milk Stout ABV 6.2% Nitro

Chocolate Milk Stout brewed by Brewmaster Jerrod Larsen

Chocolate Milk Stout brewed by Brewmaster Jerrod Larsen