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Brought to You By Bobby Navarro

I have been given so many opportunities as a food blogger… but my favorite stories to share are the ones that don’t belong to me, but the stories that have inspired individuals to create something for other to enjoy….

Valiant brewing company opened to much acclaim recently, and became recognized and respected in the Orange County craft beer community.  The story of their brewing journey is the kind that tugs at the strings of your heart.  Around 2003 Brian was gifted a Mr. Beer Kit.  I have never heard of a Mr. Beer Kit… but if it empowers a man to open up the next big thing in the OC beer scene…. I want one.  In the early stages, brewing was just a hobby for Brian and his wife Kelly… this couple had a craving for speed.

Seems like Jam-O McCarroll from San Clemente High School might have instilled a little spark in Brian, because drag-racing and hot rod fixing seemed to be what he loved.  A lot of time, money and dedication went into his love for racing and car mechanics, but in late 2007 wildfires took most of what Brian and Kelly had invested in that life.

Moving forward, Brian decided to take what was once a hobby, and turn it into his new passion.  Thank the Lord, because their beers are some of my favorites.

Come see what Brian and Kelly are brewing up at Nepenthia Beer Garden on June 8th at TeWinkle Park, alongside 17 other fantastic west coast breweries!  See you there!