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This is a recap of PigOut 2.0 held in 2013 at Noguchi Gardens.

To purchase tickets for the current PigOut event, visit 100eats.com/pigout

Photos taken by the incredibly talented Anne Watson of Anne Watson Photography.

Here is how Anne Marie Panoringan of OC Weekly represented PigOut 2.0

“It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaack. Back bacon. Bacon lardons. Roasted hogs. You name it, someone will likely cook it up using a piggy. It’s on like a perfectly poached egg atop. . . just about anything.

The premise remains the same: x (number of barkeeps) + y (number of chefs) = z (a swell time, with a poke of indigestion.) And heat. Man, was there heat. One thing that’s changed is the spot. This year, you’ll find Pig Out 2.0 at California Scenario in Costa Mesa. That’s near Bristol and Anton, or behind Maestro’s Steakhouse. Or, if you’re local, it’s known as The Noguchi Museum.

Their not-quite-firmed-up list includes chefs from Little Sparrow Cafe, The Cannery, Arc Kitchen and Bar, The Cheese Shop (a welcome treat last year), Hopscotch, The Attic, Pizzeria Mozza, Juliette’s Kitchen and Bar, and Broadway by Amar Santana.

Participating beverage specialists include individuals from Napa Rose, 320 Main, SideDoor, Arc Kitchen and Bar, Broadway by Amar Santana, The Playground and Juliette’s Kitchen and Bar. Boozy raffles and silent auctions will raise funds for Inspire Artistic Minds. What else is left to know?

Pig Out is coming up quick–Sunday, August 25, to be exact. Time is 3 – 7 p.m. Admission starts at $75, with tickets available on event day (but subject to higher prices). Parking and unlimited bites are included in the cost. Tickets and more information can be found at 100eats.com. Check out our recap of last year’s inaugural event here. We’ll be packing a flask of Fernet for this one.”

Thank you for everyone that came to visit us, all the media partners who helped promote, and all the team members who made it possible… A special Thank You to Gabrielle Dion of The Mixing Glass for coordinating with the Orange County Bartenders Cabinet to represent the Orange County bar scene, to Amar Santana of Broadway by Amar Santana for his continued support for this event and for everything we do, to Melissa’s Produce for always providing us with whatever they can, and to my family who really made this event possible.

Thank you for your continued support of Inspire Artistic Minds, 100eats, and the thriving food and drink scene of Orange County.

See you at our next event!

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