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Brought to You By Bobby Navarro

Along with the funds dedicated to artistic awareness, part of the funds that we collect throughout the year go directly towards artistic individuals looking to broaden their educational horizons through experiences that will inspire them.  These experience can range from educational seminars and certification programs, room and board for mentorship programs, and even being able to be a taste, touch, or see something that you might not be able to be a part of without our assistance.  The idea is to inspire individuals by linking them to different experiences around the world, in hopes to strengthen their own culture and local economy when they bring a revitalized perspective to their industry in their community.

The process begins with the application that the Board of Directors has created to be able to decipher the balance of need and want, and judge each application against our 5 core values.  Each applicant must show integrity, ambition, discipline, leadership, and passion.  The Board of Directors make a rough outline of the type of person we are looking for to receive these scholarships.  It is important for the Board to create these paramiters, because these scholarship recipients will be the advocates for the Inspire Artistic Minds organization, and it is important that they fall in line with the vision of our future.

After the Board of Directors has approved the applicants, the application moves to the Distribution Council.  The Distribution Council is comprised of several individuals in different walks of life, that are true examples of our five core values.  The Distribution Council meets once every 4months (or as funds become available) and collects all the applications and decides  who will get what money for that period, the stipulations that will be placed on the scholarship, and the scale by which to judge each application.

The Distribution Council gives the Board of Directors the terms of each scholarship and the Board then communicates with each applicant of the status of their scholarship.  Most scholarships are a reimbursement, and require proof that the applicant is dedicated to whatever experience they are looking to be a part of, regardless of the help of our organization.  Proof of participation is required as soon as confirmation of participation is received, otherwise the applicant is not guaranteed the scholarship money promised.  A full summary of the experience is required of each scholarship recipient at the end of the event that they chose to participate in.  Funds are not distributed until a full summary, proof of participation, completed commitment form and any other requirements are submitted to Inspire Artistic Minds.  Summary must answer the following questions:

What did you learn through this experience?

What do you hope to do with this knowledge now?

How has IAM been an impact-full part of connecting you to this experience?

What are your thoughts on IAM as an organization dedicated to connecting artists to the things that will inspire them?

After all the requested materials are submitted to Inspire Artistic Minds, promised funds are released to the applicant as they become available to the organization.

This organization was founded on the idea that “You can do anything you set your mind to,” so we firmly believe that with or without our help, be dedicated to “keep moving forward.”

Thank you, and we look forward to your application (apply here).

Bobby Navarro

President, Inspire Artistic Minds